Elaine Hullihen
As a native Ohioan and an eight-year resident of Kent, Elaine is honored to join Patch.com and tell the stories that show how truly inspirational and creative the people of Kent are. She is delighted and inspired by the creativity (and hard work) she sees around town and can't wait to share that with Kent Patch's readers. Elaine came to Kent at the doe-eyed age of 18 mainly because she didn't know what to do after high school was over. Here she found a nurturing community with so many opportunities to express herself in artistic outlets. From the Arts and Theatre departments at Kent State University to the parades and productions of downtown, Kent is a place to explore. After the joyful yet strenuous adventure of college (she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2007 with a BFA in Sculpture and a Minor in Scenic Painting), Elaine decided to travel a bit. Kent was a great home base as she hopped around to artist residencies in Germany and Scotland and took road trips to numerous parts of the United States. Her favorite thing to do is hike around in some woods, so many of Elaine's road trips have been to national forests or parks. (My o my! It really is a beautiful world!) This adventure isn't over as she is currently planning a hike on the Appalachian Trail in the next few years. In addition to making art, writing and walking, Elaine teaches yoga classes in Kent, Hudson and Fairlawn. She has found yoga to be such a spectacular practice that isn't only fun, but really helps to keep everything on track. Elaine is forever grateful for the great yoga teachers she has had that have inspired her on this path. So in short — rock on sister Kent! You have provided so much and as a writer at Patch.com she is excited to show what this town has to offer.
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