Volunteers Needed for River Cleaning Saturday

Crooked River Adventures leading Cuyahoga River cleanup

Volunteers are needed to help clean the Cuyahoga River of trash and debris this Saturday, Sept. 24.

Crooked River Adventures, the sponsored canoe and kayak livery, is organizing three groups of volunteers to take trips down the river from to Middlebury Road and collect trash along the way.

The livery will have 20 kayaks and seven canoes available to volunteers who want to pull garbage from the water as they paddle. Volunteers also are needed to walk along the river banks picking up garbage and assisting the boaters.

Volunteers will be shuttled to and from locations, provided the equipment they need to collect trash and served lunch, according to the university.

To volunteer, call Mike McFall at 330-672-2802 or email him at mmcfall5@kent.edu.


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