Vandals Hit Kent State Esplanade House

Windows smashed, front door kicked open at East College Avenue property

A vacant house owned by Kent State University in the neighborhood west of campus has been targeted by vandals.

Multiple windows were smashed and the front door kicked open at the house at 329 E. College Ave. this week.

The vacant house is one of 41 properties bought by Kent State to extend the Esplanade west from campus into downtown.

A neighbor of the house, who asked not to be identified, said she heard people throwing what she thought was a ball or other object at the windows late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning from inside the house.

"There's nothing to stop them from going inside," she said. "It bothers me, because I feel like 'what if they set the house on fire?'"

The neighbor said she's seen who she believed to be university officials on the property in recent weeks, but she's never seen anyone secure the house to prevent trespassing.

"I really thought they might send somebody over to at least board up the doors and so forth, but nothing ever happened," she said.

Kent State officials could not be reached for comment Friday.

The house is one of two rental properties Kent State agreed to buy from Quatro Novus in March. The windows and doors of the second property, right next door at 230 S. Willow St., are sealed with plywood.

The sales on both properties closed in September, according to the Portage County Auditor's Office website.

This isn't the first time houses in the neighborhood bought by Kent State for the Esplanade have been vandalized.

In March 2010, KentWired reported about several other houses, some of which have since been demolished, prompting complaints from neighbors about break-ins and other similar behavior.


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Laurel Myers Hurst November 11, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Did we read, earlier this year, about some sort of funding rule that "allows" for the demolition of only a certain number of houses per a certain number of days? Is that why demolition has been so painfully slow? Considering the danger to the public, the timetable for demolition should be expedited.
Chris (Kit) Myers November 12, 2012 at 12:03 PM
The sound of breaking glass woke up some of my tenants next door. They are concerned that someone may burn it down even though it is now boarded up. The house on Lincoln was boarded up but that didn't stop someone from burning it down. I would encourage everyone in Kent to walk, bike, or drive past this in order to really understand what is going on with these houses allowed by the city to sit empty in a neighborhood known for partying drunken behavior. It is not as if they are between tenants; they are going to be demolished. So do it! The back of this house is about ten feet from my parking lot for tenants' cars. When it was occupied it was constant picking up of broken beer bottles in the lot. One time the drunks partying there actually jumped on the hoods and roofs of cars parked there. If it burns down and there is damage to my property or to my tenant's property you may rest assured that lawsuits will fly. When is Kent going to get tough on what is going on on College Street, University Drive, and other streets? When is the court going to throw the book at the perpetrators? When are good people going to be able to enjoy the peaceful enjoyment of their neighborhoods? When are the councilpersons from these wards going to demand stiff penalties for criminal behavior?
The Omnipotent Sponge - Soak it up! November 12, 2012 at 08:40 PM
"Kent State officials could not be reached for comment Friday." Gee, what a surprise.


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