More Allerton Closings at Kent State

University run student apartment complex will be offline completely by 2015

is beginning the second phase of the planned closure of the Allerton Apartment complex, taking Buildings E, F, J and K offline and preparing them for demolition. The university announced the phased closure of Allerton Apartments in 2010 due to the buildings reaching the end of their life cycle. It is cost-prohibitive to maintain the buildings in the future.  

Located on the southern edge of campus, the Allerton Apartment complex was constructed in two phases, completed in 1962 and 1966. Apartments in the complex are rented to upper-division students and Kent State students with families.

Two buildings were closed in July 2005 and demolished in July 2006. Buildings L and M were closed in July 2011 and will be demolished beginning in September along with Buildings E, F, J and K which were closed this summer. Building E served as a storage building, while Buildings F, J and K had 46 apartments.

“We were able to accommodate all of those who lived in Buildings F, J and K and wanted to stay at Allerton by relocating them to Buildings A, B, C and D,” explained Betsy Joseph, Kent State’s director of Residence Services. “The rest of the affected residents either graduated or opted for other housing arrangements.

“The university worked with local social services agencies, including Habitat for Humanity, allowing them to go through the closed buildings and remove any items they wanted, like refrigerators and stoves,” Joseph added.

With the amount of existing housing and the influx of new student housing options in the Kent community by private developers, Kent State’s Department of Residence Services determined that the Kent area has sufficient housing to accommodate the affected residents.

Buildings A, B, C and D will operate until July 2015. At that time, the remaining 69 apartments will be taken offline and the buildings will eventually be demolished. The university does not have plans for the Allerton property at this time.

Linda UmBayemake August 24, 2012 at 08:27 PM
There were so many negative things that happened when I attended Kent State. The two things that I enjoyed and miss is Allerton with my children and I socializing with international students from so many countries around the world. The other was the programs that Oscar Ritchie provided for the children of Allerton. Between the two my children learned tolerance, sign language and so many languages that they use now. My eldest son just returned from teaching in Bahrain. If it wasn't for Allerton I don't think he would have gotten the world travel fever or would know how to truly socialize with the people. He speaks fluent Arabic among a few other languages. I have such fond memories of Allerton and will miss you.
J Madison September 13, 2012 at 08:58 PM
"The university announced the phased closure of Allerton Apartments in 2010 due to the buildings reaching the end of their life cycle. It is cost-prohibitive to maintain the buildings in the future." There are buildings on campus that are nearly 3 times as old as Allerton ; why are they not at the end of their life cycle? I have never heard such doublespeak gibberish from alleged intelligent college people! Why are they REALLY being demolished? Lefton and Kent State are full of it and do not speak the truth very often. They would make good politicians with the way they waste money and lie to the public!


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