Fire Drill Tests at Kent State Thursday

No actual evacuation will take place during this exercise

On Thursday, Sept. 27, at 11:10 a.m. and at 5:50 p.m., the Department of Public Safety will test the emergency notification system on the Kent State University Main Campus.

The purpose of this annual exercise is to familiarize students and employees with building evacuations and precautions to be taken in event of a fire or any other type of emergency.

No actual evacuation will take place during this exercise. Instead, classroom instructors and unit supervisors are asked to review the guidelines with their respective students and employees. As always, listen to the message and follow the instructions given.

Additional information on building evacuation and fire guidelines are available in the emergency guide area of the Kent State website at www.kent.edu/publicsafety/eguide_fire.cfm.

At the end of the exercise if you experienced any problems understanding or hearing the message, please email or call Fire Safety Coordinator Ed Moisio, who can be reached at emoisio@kent.edu or 330-672-0831, or Lt. Bill Buckbee, coordinator of emergency preparedness, at u349@police.kent.edu or 330-672-1034.


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