'FaceWash' Creators: Twitter Version is Next

Kent State students who developed "social scrubbing" tool for Facebook plan future endeavors

More than 135,000 people can't be wrong. FaceWash is a hit.

Three students at Kent State University who developed the computer web application to scrub personal Facebook pages of vulgar, obscene and other generally unwanted content say their app has become more popular than they imagined it would.

Computer science students Daniel Gur, Camden Fullmer and David Steinberg created FaceWash with the goal of helping college students remove Facebook content that may hinder their attempts to find work.

Steinberg said that since creating the web app one week ago on their way to a convention in Pennsylvania that more than 135,000 unique visitors have been to their website.

"We did extensive research throughout the Internet to garner a wide variety of sources to really represent what the internet as a whole may define as pockets of undesirable content," Steinberg said.

The app works by searching photo captions, wall posts and other content for key words and then highlighting those posts so the user can remove them.

So far, the business endeavor has been entirely on the three students' own dime — and time — while balancing school loads.

Future plans include Spanish and French language versions of the application and an app for Twitter.

"One thing that we have tried really hard to do from the start is make sure we don't overstep a boundary that we consider of high moral importance ... which is giving the user choice," Steinberg said. "We particularly keep our search extensively broad so that you can pinpoint the exact ... content you want to clean up. And we leave that in your hands."

Steinberg said no one from Facebook has contacted the group about their app.

Zachary Thoren January 31, 2013 at 02:44 PM
This is pretty damn cool. Did they make it a free app or are they monetizing from the start?
Jon Jivan January 31, 2013 at 09:10 PM
It's completely free, and at the moment, ad free: http://facewa.sh/login
Andrew Polcyn February 01, 2013 at 01:39 AM
I just went on the site and everything looks free. But seeing as how I'm rather strict with what I allow myself to be tagged in and how I watch most of my posts, this app would not be in my best interest to use.


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