11 Kent Properties Going to Sheriff's Sale in December

All information is according to Portage County Sheriff's Office

Eleven properties with a Kent address are going to a sheriff's sale in December, according to the Portage County Sheriff's Office.

Take a look at the list and see if any of them are in your neighborhood — or in your price range if you're looking for a new home in the Kent area.

The sales are held on the first floor of the Portage County Courthouse in Ravenna in Magistrate John P. O'Neill's courtroom at 11 a.m.

For more information visit the Portage sheriff's sales website.

Address Appraised Value Minimum Bid 612 Edgewood Drive $90,000 $60,000 890 Irish Road $90,000 $60,000 381 McKinney Blvd. $100,000 $66,667 1237 Overbrook Road $95,000 $63,334 5215 Cline Road $55,000 $36,667 1629 Olympus Drive $80,000 $53,334 56 Westminster Lane $95,000 $63,334 3811 Selnick Road $155,000 $103,334 4002 Ranfield Road $95,000 $63,334 1698 Athena Drive $70,000 $46,667 6279 Second Ave. $75,000 $50,000
C. Collins November 30, 2012 at 09:19 PM
So kind of you to put a person's hardships on the web at the holidays
Char December 04, 2012 at 03:54 PM
I second C. Collins!


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