Zoning Board Denies Baker's Towing Request

Business denied certificate needed to relocate to 634 Lake St.

The Kent Board of Zoning Appeals voted tonight to deny a substitution of a non-conforming use certificate necessary for Baker's Towing & Auto Repair to officially relocate to 634 Lake St.

The zoning board voted unanimously to deny the certificate.

"I feel right now the proposed use is not similar in character to what’s already there, and I think it would be more intrusive to what’s already there," zoning board member Paul Sellman said.

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Molly August 21, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Which makes me comment again about the condition and use of which the building has been in the past years...but that was ok to have in the neighborhood? If you and your neighbors are so concerned about how your neighborhood looks and what is there, then something should have been done with the property long ago. It amazes me that none of you seem to even care about "the other side of it"... about the jobs that may be lost, the families that may not have an income, the business that may have to shut their doors after many years of honest hard work because you refused to even give them a chance. You all assumed that it would be one way, and no one even thought twice about trying to compromise. You call it what you want, I call it selfish.
Chris (Kit) Myers August 21, 2012 at 07:31 PM
Alex: I suggested the funeral home on East Main Street, last used as DuBois Bookstore, for pretty much the same sort of operation, but got nowhere. I think that's a better location than Lake Street since students in the criminal justice studies and psychology departments right across the street at Kent State, could go there for internships. The building is large enough and there are apartments on the second floor that could easily be made into dormitories so the residents could actually live there. What do you think?
Casey Myers August 21, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Don't worry, Molly. I do understand what you are TRYING to say. In fact, your reasoning is overly simplistic, which is what keeps it from being a sound argument. If your bread and butter is selflessness vs. selfishness, I would recommend beginning your own appeals process so that Mr. Baker can set up shop on your property. If you are preaching selflessness, but not willing to do it in practice, you're just arguing to argue.
Tiffany Jones August 21, 2012 at 08:28 PM
These are all great ideas! No matter what, the building has a new owner who can and (probably) will use it; and using it for anything that falls under the wholesale and distribution would not require any additional action from the zoning board. Now the building could also be left vacant, and fall to disrepair again, be used by criminals etc, but since I know of at least one neighbor who cares so much about this property, I am sure that someone would intervene. Then again, If the owner chooses to sell I also know of some (between 12 and 200) neighbors that surely would be interested in purchasing it for use as a park or other greenspace... or perhaps the new owners of the factory way across the street will buy it and use it for a distribution center for the industrial manufacturing that will be happening soon. There is also talk of a multifaceted recycling center (with drop offs welcome! no worries it would be ACROSS the street too) so perhaps they could distribute the scrap materials..to reputable scrap dealers. Ahh the possibilities.... but alas none of this effects me since I don't live in the (perhaps soon to be aptly labeled) "HOOD".
Molly August 22, 2012 at 05:41 PM
@Casey: "If you are preaching selflessness, but not willing to do it in practice, you're just arguing to argue." I can state facts, and my opinion, on the comments made by the people in this neighborhood. It's all in black and white. You have no idea what I have done and am willing to do for my community, or who I am, so I suggest you keep your unwarranted comments to yourself. A few people have said that Bakers had many choices of places he could have moved to. You all need to check your facts. It's frustrating that you keep talking about things you don't know about like you know. So just stop. And I am the one with no sound argument? WOW!


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