State Awards Third Frontier Grant to Kent State

University to get $137,000 for liquid crystal technology research

Glasses-free 3D TV, braille devices and liquid crystal windows are three research topics at Kent State University that will benefit from an Ohio Third Frontier grant award.

State Rep. Kathleen Clyde announced Monday that state technology research program will award $137,571 to Kent State for three research projects that include those areas of technology development.

The grant award will pay for three research projects under way at Kent State’s Liquid Crystal Institute. The three projects, and their dollar awards, are: $38,590 to develop a cost-effective and improved method for glasses-free 3D television viewing; $50,000 to develop flexible piezoelectric fiber mats, which have potential applications in low-power displays, braille typing instruments for people with visual impairments and other biological applications; $48,981 will go to the Bistable Liquid Crystal Window project, which will provide an energy-efficient means of liquid crystal window technology that does not require continuous electrical current, according to Clyde's office.

"Third Frontier funds are critically important for creating quality jobs in Ohio," Rep. Clyde said. "I'm glad to see Kent State emerging as a leader in these new and important areas of economic development."

Liquid Crystal Windows have been a topic of discussion for a few years now among liquid crystal experts at Kent State for the windows' potential to help keep homes warm and cool, depending on the time of day and season, by adjusting the opaqueness of the glass.

A $2.3 billion effort, the Ohio Third Frontier provides funding to Ohio technology-based companies, universities, nonprofit research institutions, and other organizations to create new technology-based products, companies, industries, and jobs, according to the program website.

In May 2010, the Ohio Third Frontier was extended through 2015.


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