New Stoplight at Haymaker, Erie to Start Thursday

Traffic signal will stop cars at Kent State Esplanade crossing

The new stop light at Haymaker and Erie will start running Thursday. Credit: Matt Fredmonsky
The new stop light at Haymaker and Erie will start running Thursday. Credit: Matt Fredmonsky

After a few delays, the new traffic signal installed this year at the newly built intersection of Haymaker Parkway and Erie Street will start stopping cars Thursday.

The city issued a brief notice to media this morning advising the start of the signal’s operation effective Thursday.

The signal was added to the reconstructed intersection, which had been closed for decades since the original construction of the parkway, as part of the reopening of Erie Street to serve the new Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center and Kent Central Gateway transit center.

The signal will aid pedestrians using the new Esplanade link between the Kent State University campus and downtown Kent.

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