New Benches, Planters Installed Downtown

Street furniture on Erie Street part of downtown redevelopment

Workers installed new concrete benches and flower planters on Erie Street and throughout the downtown redevelopment block Thursday as part of the road reconstruction project that started last year.

Originally, the city budgeted for the installation of 40 new benches as part of the street reconstruction.

The new street furniture contributes to the overall redevelopment project.

The city installed new trees along Erie Street in October.

Jason Mason April 06, 2013 at 10:21 PM
Wow, I can hardly wait for the $100,000 in "artwork" at the new PARTA rip-off transit center! I have been carping about putting benches/shelters at PARTA bus stops for a long time...when are they going to do something that is ACTUALLY NEEDED? My suggestions are completely ignored. Twenty-four million dollars later, still no benches at popular stops, but a hundred grand for "artwork" and a huge fare increase for me. Just eliminating C-Midway raised fares 100%. Just watch, top PARTA brass will be soon rewarding themselves with salary increases/bonuses for all the fine work they did wasting the federal government's money. Mark my word, there will be a BIG drop-off in PARTA ridership; this county is still poor and Ravenna is a total ghost town.
Chris (Kit) Myers April 07, 2013 at 01:36 AM
Benches? We don't need no steenking benches! Stand up! Jog in place! Walk! Bicycle! Enjoy a healthy lifestyle!! Don't worry about the cost of the artwork. Your grandchildren will be paying for it. Don't knock Ravenna. It has stores that cater to the general public, your average Joe or Jane who need day-to-day items, including a hardware store.
Chris (Kit) Myers April 07, 2013 at 11:21 AM
Actually, Mr. Mason, there is a lot of truth to what you say. Shiny things oftentimes mask reality, don't they? It has always been thus. I am not saying that one should never splurge on something, but spending yourself into debt from which you may never be able to extricate yourself, and for doing it for things you don't need, just doesn't seem to me to be an OK and stress-free way to live. But I am old. What can I possibly know? I will probably be dead by the time the man from China shows up to repossess the sculpture. Why do we think a senator or representative is so wonderful when he/she brings us money in the form of a grant? We put his/her picture in the paper alongside the mayor and a bunch of other people in hard hats, standing there smiling and holding shovels. Is anyone explaining to their children and grandchildren that a whole lot of that money will have to be paid back - by THEM?!!! Count your chickens before they're hatched. Throw caution to the wind. It's the new American way. And by all means, keep electing the people in Kent and at the state level and at the federal level, who understand and subscribe to that economic theory. Somehow it keeps getting them elected so it must be right. OK. Blast away.
CheesyMacandCheese April 07, 2013 at 01:24 PM
I heard that the benches and planters around the Fairmont Properties / College Town are their property and their design not the cities. The city will be putting in planters and benches on the Acorn Alley side at some point.
Chris (Kit) Myers April 07, 2013 at 03:25 PM
I like Nordic concrete benches. They are suitable for persons of any body type, shed rain, are easily cleared of snow. and are hard to steal. I don't care who bought them; they done right. And... they are not an offensive color! They could have been Harvest Gold and/or Avocado. I agree with Mr. Mason about having something upon which to sit at bus stops. I was just kidding when I said "We don't need no steenking benches!" Older people who no longer drive sometimes need to sit down. Or is PARTA actually a campus bus service for young people that was palmed off onto the taxpayers of Portage County? Oops! Did I say that? Enjoy!


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