Klaben Gets Variance for old Huntington Bank Building

New, used car dealership to occupy former bank on West Main

Klaben Auto Stores received several variances from the Kent Board of Zoning Appeals Monday for signage related to its new, used car dealership at 1035 W. Main St.

The board approved variances to allow one building and two free-standing signs, one of which will be closer to the road than allowed by city code.

The signs are for a used car dealership Klaben is planning to open in the former Huntington Bank branch. The Kent Planning Commission approved the site plan for the new dealership in October 2012.

Al Klaben, Jr., said they wanted the variance to put one of the free-standing signs closer to West Main Street because the former bank buildings sits further back from the road compared with Klaben's other buildings, one of which is directly adjacent to the west of old bank.

"There’s an irregular setback across the properties," Klaben said. "We’re going to reposition our service entrance sign. We were going to add a used car sign, an entrance sign with an arrow … and we’re going to put a Klaben sign on the buildings similar to all the other buildings."

The zoning board voted unanimously to approve the variances. Zoning board member Dave Mail was absent and excused by the board.

Zoning board member Diane Werner said allowing one of the signs to stand closer to the road will make the used car dealership conform with the rest of the Klaben properties.

"This makes sense to make it all look like one cohesive unit," she said.

Pat November 20, 2012 at 11:52 AM
This kind of funny that Klaben is going to use the old Huntington building as many many years ago it was Rutan's ford dealership. The the ford business was sold to Klaben and the Hunting Bank redid the building to their liking and now it shall be a car business again!
Paul Sellman November 21, 2012 at 02:14 AM
Actually, the Hunting Bank building was built to be a bank, Portage National Bank. The Klaben service building is the old Rutan building. (They were originally downtown on South Depeyster St (Filthy McNasty's). Klaben sale is in the old Lyman Chevrolet building.


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