Kent Elections: Share Your Point of View with a Blog on Patch

The election is just about a month away, and Patch wants to know what you think about the candidates, the issues and everything in between.

Whether you’re a longtime Republican, a loyal Democrat, a staunch third-party supporter or a life-long independent, one thing is true: you have an opinion.

And Patch wants to hear it. 

While the blogs on Kent Patch are open to any topic, I thought the month leading up to the 2012 presidential election was a good time to let locals know that politics has a platform here. Wherever you stand on the issues—and regardless of whether your passion is national politics or local issues—you can blog about it on Patch.

If you’d like to get started, it’s simple and free. Simply log in to Patch and click the start a blog link on the front page. Blogs can be long or short: it’s up to you. You can also add photos, videos or PDFS, as long as you have the copyright to them. (In other words, if you didn’t take or create it, it’s not a good idea to post it.) 

After you’ve submitted your blog post, it will appear on the site. From there, you can go ahead and send it around to your family and friends! 

Need some examples? Brecksville residents Dom Sciria and Rose Petsche are regular political bloggers on Brecksville Patch. Sciria's latest blog post questions the president's true agenda. Petsche has been keeping readers updated on the citizens' "corporations are not people" initiative.

If you have any questions, email Local Editor Matt Fredmonsky.


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