Pill Dealers get Jail, Probation

Third Kentite charged in drug sweep yet to be sentenced

A Kent man and woman charged in a countywide drug sweep have been sentenced to jail and probation terms while a third Kentite has yet to be sentenced.

Gary Harris, 42, of 717 Silver Meadows Blvd., was sentenced to 11 months in prison recently by Portage County Common Pleas Judge Laurie Pittman after pleading guilty to selling prescription painkillers.

He was one of three Kentites caught up in a November sweep of northern Portage County by the Portage County Drug Task Force that netted 25 arrests. Gary Harris pleaded guilty to trafficking in drugs, a fifth-degree felony, prior to his sentencing in January.

Theresa Harris, 35, also of 717 Silver Meadows Blvd., was sentenced to five years probation by Pittman in February after pleading guilty to a lesser fourth-degree felony charge of drug trafficking. Pittman also suspended her license for one year with exceptions for drug counseling and probation meetings.

Theresa Harris was charged by the drug task force with selling percocet and oxymorphone, both in the presence of a juvenile, and oxycodone. While Gary Harris was charged with selling oxycodone. All three drugs are prescribed painkillers.

The third Kentite, Kyle Herald, 24, of 433 S. Francis St., pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of drugs in March. He has not yet been sentenced.

Jennifer Cannon April 24, 2013 at 01:58 PM
These JERKS are the reason that so many of us living with a chronic illness-pain can not get proper treatment. This makes me so mad!


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