Nuisance Party Busted on University Drive

Kent State student charged with nuisance party violation Saturday. All information is according to Kent Police. Arrest information does not indicate conviction.

officers shut down a nuisance party on University Drive during a weekend that included 17 arrests for underage drinking.

Police were called to 206 University Drive at about midnight Saturday, where they arrested one of its tenants and charged him with holding a nuisance party, an unclassified misdemeanor charge.

Daniel R. Pattie, a student from Mentor, was charged with holding the nuisance party and obstructing official business, a second-degree misdemeanor.

Police arrested at least six other people at the house, which is listed as a licensed boarding house by the and is owned by Mark Collins.

All total, police made 17 arrests for underage drinking, or prohibitions, this past weekend — the weekend prior to the start of the fall semester at Kent State.

Those arrested by Kent police for prohibitions, a first-degree misdemeanor, Saturday and Sunday were:

  • Zachary M. Bandsuh, 18, of Dellroy, OH
  • Jordan L. Cremer, 19, of Wooster, OH
  • Clifton C. Mims, III, 18, of Kent
  • Brandon W. Gerber, 18, of Kent
  • Caleb R. Parrett, 20, address unavailable
  • Matthew L. Kaczmarczyk, 19, of Stow
  • Shelby L. McMillin, 20, of Rudolph, OH
  • Allison J. Lenz, 20, of Kent
  • Clay A. Kutcher, 18, of Uhrichsville, OH
  • Ryan R. Anderson, 19, of Kent
  • Megan M. Powalski, 19, of Eastlake
  • Mark F. Freeman, 19, of Mentor
  • Andela Martinovic, of Kent
  • Cole A. Stitt, 18, of Willoughby
  • Kevin P. Lanning, 19, of Euclid
  • Ida A. Giancola, 19, of Kent
  • Anthony R. Sarrica, 18, of Avon
moral concerned kent historian neighbor man March 06, 2013 at 04:35 PM
were you there? how do you know the truth? kids who are caught drinking underage lie to get out of things. but not your son, right? god, just let it drop already and go visit your youngest child's school, just to make sure they're allowing your child enough time to finish his/her lunch today...
Yuberniz Yubi Orengo March 06, 2013 at 05:10 PM
Ok the woman who apparently thinks it's just fine to argue online defending her angelic baby's cute little mistakes is saying I have no life. Cute. Sorry if I want to read up about what's going on in my community and keep getting articles like this. In your opinion it's a false arrest, but why do I get the feeling that you know absolutely nothing about your child's life and seem to believe everything they tell you? My point IS that employers won't have anything to look up on me and like-minded students because we're not idiotic enough to even be around such events. And I imagine an f-bomb or two isn't really going to block me from employer prospects, unless the employer is so high strung (which I imagine wouldn't be someone I'd want to be employed by anyway, lest my life be miserable. Yes money, but what about quality of life?) My parents don't have to clean up my messes, I don't make any, nor would they if I did, and I have the best parents that I could ever ask for, sacrificing a lot for me, and I try to take as little of their help as possible, hoping they can do/treat something for themselves for once one day. And btw, it's funny that you'd be correcting me on how to spell a drink's name, sorry if I only read labels on alcohol every once in a good while, maybe that's why I don't know how to spell it, desgraciada.
Yuberniz Yubi Orengo March 06, 2013 at 05:12 PM
Thank you moral concerned kent historian neighbor man. Thank you.
Debbie Pattie March 06, 2013 at 11:31 PM
Mr. Moral Concerned, you think and write like a child! Your not worth responding to.
moral concerned kent historian neighbor man March 07, 2013 at 02:40 AM
it's "you're", not "your". obviously you're not doing your son's homework for him...that's a step in the right direction. learn your grammar, mama!


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