31 Cited for Underage Drinking or Disorderly Conduct Over Weekend

All information is according to Kent Police. Arrest information does not indicate conviction

Kent Police arrested a few dozen people this weekend for a variety of offenses, including underage drinking, noise violations and disorderly conduct.

Eight people were arrested and another three were given citations for prohibitions between Friday and Sunday. The underage drinking violation is a first-degree misdemeanor.

Twelve people were issued citations for violating the city’s noise ordinance and one person was cited for holding a nuisance party.

A nuisance party is defined under section 509.13 of the city's codified ordinances as "a social gathering or party" that meets any number of 10 criteria, including:

  1. Illegal open container

  2. Littering

  3. Outdoor urination or defecation in a public place or on another's property

The ordinance makes both property owners and tenants responsible for preventing such instances.

Six people were arrested for disorderly conduct, a minor misdemeanor, and another person was given a citation for urinating.

Those arrested for underage drinking this past weekend were:

  • Lauren M. Gosnell, 20, of Stow
  • Kimberly R. Long, 20, of Dublin, OH
  • Matthew R. Mayle, 20, of Parma, OH
  • Sedric D. Veal, Jr., 18, of Sagamore Hills, OH
  • Michaila L. Crislip, 19, of 609 S. Lincoln St.
  • Evan A. Schneider, 20, of East Liverpool, OH
  • Taylor J. Gillette, 20, of Macedonia, OH
  • Nicholas R. Carlo, 19, of Sharon, PA
  • Elizabeth A. Kohl, 20, of 325 N. Willow St.
  • Shane T. O’Connell, 20, of Stow

Chris (Kit) Myers September 01, 2013 at 08:05 AM
I'll bet it was an out-of-towner who was urinating. Kent people don't do that. Hartville person, most likely.
The Omnipotent Sponge - Soak it up! September 01, 2013 at 09:29 AM
Chris, what?
Chris (Kit) Myers September 01, 2013 at 11:22 AM
Just spoofing a bit, Mary. Do you remember the three successful Roosevelt graduates that got a variance that was completely contrary to ordinance. It was quickly overturned. Then there is the commenter that feels that an out-of-towner is more of a threat to the community by owning a tattoo shop than a local person would be. Hartville? Because that's one of the places where those of us who think that Kent is getting too alcohol friendly are told to move when we express our opinions on the matter. Cheers, Mary. And watch out for them outside agitators. They are everywhere!
The Omnipotent Sponge - Soak it up! September 01, 2013 at 08:21 PM
Ah, I didn't quite know what you meant. Here here Chris! Once again I'm in agreement with you.
Artsy Peanut September 03, 2013 at 09:02 AM
Names of underage drinkers and those driving under the influence have always been published in local news papers. It's not private information. It's a matter of public record. This technique is a method of shaming the violator. The idea being if you don't want people to know you broke the law, you shouldn't break the law. Ages and places of origin are published as data that shows a trend. These trends are relevant to the subject of underage drinking in a college town.


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