Franklin Township Kent, Ohio

Franklin Township Kent Ohio has unduly caused physical, emotional, and war on the poor in my opinion.

A older lady in the same park that I live in Whispering Pines Kent, Ohio fell the other day on ice outside of her home. She was hurt and has gone to the hospital. She refused to call 911 for help. The reason Franklin Township Kent Ohio Trustees
Chairman - Mark Beckwith 330-678-1268 or email Mbeckwith@neo.rr.com
Keith Benjamin 330-678-7822...
Gary Falstad 330-673-5089
have passed a code: Ohio Revised Code 505.391 to charge just a few not the whole township a charge of $1185.00 for the ambulance to come on to properties. They think this is ok because the properties are businesses. We all know the government if they can get away with one thing it will happen to you just my opinion. This lady who was hurt waited till people in the park came and helped her. Instead of calling 911 she called a family member waited till they could come and get her to take her to Robinson Memorial Hospital. How would you feel if that was your grandmother.
Please contact the trusties above asked them about the law please tell them you would not like your grandmother laying in the cold wet road instead of calling for help just because she is on Medicare Insurance and can’t afford the Townships help. 
Franklin Township Kent Ohio has unduly caused physical, emotional, and war on the poor in my opinion.
They have enacted a real property tax that has made people who live in the same park as I do to be afraid to call an ambulance.

Ohio Revised Code 505.391
To the best of my understanding this code has let Franklin Township charge Owners of only certain properties Whispering Pines being one of them. $1185.00 for an ambulance call. I think this works this way. If you have insurance that will pay say $800.00 for an ambulance call, nothing more. The Franklin Township then charges the person who owns the property the remaining $385.00 for coming onto their property. If persons calling ambulance service can not pay then W.P. is charged the whole $1185.00.

Would you like to be charged for the services of just the six neighbors living on the right hand side of your home?

To understand this better and to help us end this unfair practice please contact:
Chairman - Mark Beckwith 330-678-1268 or email Mbeckwith@neo.rr.com
Keith Benjamin 330-678-7822
Gary Falstad 330-673-5089

Please read and pass on to everyone you know and any agency you think can help us Linda 330-646-3480
Please contact Ohio Congressmen and tell them this is just wrong.

Confederate American February 25, 2014 at 06:38 PM
am I missing something here? Why do you think you deserve a service for free?
linda huston February 25, 2014 at 08:50 PM
I did not say FREE I said the same as everyone else. I was born here and I will stay here and fight for what I beleive to be moraly right. I have a patition I am getting it ready to go to my congressmen. I have also had contact with the atterny general and other political offices. I have contacted inasurnce companies. I am not saying it is not expensive for the fire depaqrtment or that I don't think we should pay I am saying for the third time the cost should be the same for everyone. We pay our taxes to. We dop not want it for free. Am I not making myself clear WE DON'T WANT IT FOR FREE.
linda huston February 25, 2014 at 08:55 PM
I went to the Township meeting tonight. I think these are good people trying to do the best they can. I just beleive in this instance this was not the way to handle their defisate problems. I am so happy to say I think the Township is going to try to work with us and the atternies involve.
Confederate American February 26, 2014 at 03:16 AM
Linda you say you pay taxes too but do you pay the same percentages that we do in kent.? You make the kent fire dept look as if they are the bad guys. If Franklin Twp doesn't like the rates then they should start their own. Its the American way we have done things. You do want a free service here. you said you pay taxes too. What is the problem here? Your rants are all over
linda huston February 26, 2014 at 10:55 AM
I don't know about the taxes. I will say that I think all taxes should be equal for everyone. Personally I would say you are the person on attack here not me. You and I have spent way to much time discussing this instead of going to meetings to help with solutions. The fire department is not the bad guys. They are good decent heros I feel we need to make life easier for them and affordable for us that is all. I don't know about you but I have a life. I work, read books, planning a garden. I would rather be working on all these things and what we have been discussing and trying to solve problems by attending meetings, voting and sharing instead of defending my self to you. The reason for this post was to try to get people involved not hurt any organization. Please take an active part in your government like with me no one has to see it the way I do, they do not have to support me but it would be nice if they took part and used their own ideas to make this world a better place to live.


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