Red River Tactical Group
will be hosting a concealed carry certification class on OCTOBER 5, 2013 in Brunswick.  Take advantage of this ONE DAY course at a low cost of only $100 per student.
register now online at
BackyardChickens4Life September 09, 2013 at 05:36 PM
Oh Mary, your point of view is so obtuse. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid! I just don't get how people cannot grasp the notion that bad guys will ALWAYS have weapons - ALWAYS. You think if they outlaw gun ownership the bad guys are just going to hand in their weapons? Of course not, they'll try to get MORE. You should WANT intelligent reasonable people with guns around you. Only on the rarest occasion is a police officer present when a crime occurs. The people you're trying to take guns away from are the only people who MIGHT protect you. So if you're ever in a situation where someone tries to rob or otherwise harm you, and a person with a gun is there ready to defuse the situation and SAVE YOUR LIFE, please kindly tell the person that you have it all under control, put their weapon away and go about their business. Just because some of the people who carry guns aren't dressed in the same yuppie-ass manor as you, does not give you the right to under-mind them or their rights as AMERICANS - that same camo clad, bearded hillbilly you scoff at, very well might safe your life one day. Consider yourself lucky to be American, even if you don't deserve it.


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