What happens when real people post and comment on a website like Patch using an alias name?

What happens when real people know other real people in an eyeball to eyeball manner?

1. Does the alias name help the person act as a role model for their children?

2. Does an alias encourage others to act in an honest, open, & responsible manner?

3. Does a real person feel safer when attacking someone -- if they use an alias? 


I have updated my personal profile.

Before I called myself a community advocate.

I still consider myself an advocate for our community and others too.

And, now I want to advocate for our community in a more useful manner.


Thus, a few of us created a group called eFriends.

I consider myself an informed and involved member of eFriends. 

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Lou Schott April 06, 2013 at 05:34 PM
Hi Lightnapper, I am very open to documenting all of the possible choices. My hope is that people will defer their capacity to judge until they can make an informed choice. In my mind, the discussion of using an alias on the one end of the scale vs. using a real name on the other end is not an 'on' or 'off' decision. The Ann Franks family had a really useful reason for hiding -- during the war in Germany. Benjamin Franklin wrote as 'Poor Richard' before he wrote as a statesman named Benjamin Franklin. One of my concerns is that we have people using an alias when their true name would serve their own ends in a more useful manner. We need people in our community who know how to make an informed choice. Thus, these same people can become involved in their communities in a more mature manner. Hope this helps. lschott1@gmail.com I found myself taking the position that I did to counter balance the sometimes brutal trash talk of others. I have found some people imply that I should have understood them accurately the first time -- even when I clearly stated that I did not understand them. And, some start their conversation with an attack and then try to convince me to see it their way.
Lou Schott April 07, 2013 at 11:51 AM
Earl, I like the way that you restated the questions and then stated your answer. I see your use of process paired with simple content statements as useful. We might be able to work together. Are you from Cuy. Falls?
Lightnapper April 07, 2013 at 02:58 PM
Repost-- initial comment, which is the same comment as below, still "Pending Approval." Tough Moderator? Understood. Thanks for your feedback and taking the time to care about the community.
tom m April 07, 2013 at 03:07 PM
lightnapper actually the pending approval on your comments is just a bug in the system just repost your comment again (it will say that forever)
Jeff June 18, 2013 at 03:29 PM
Can Lou answer a question rather than ask it? The primary reason for asking lots of questions is to help people think about new and different ways to answer the questions. It has nothing to do with an interest in the subject. It's merely a way to eventually direct people to Lou's Google site, which uses techniques that put a man on the moon. Wat is one's point in life? Is it to spam-blog our community with questions? Is the answer "yes"? Can we understand why it is "yes"? Is Google the answer to the universe, or is it 42?


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