Standing Rock International Short Film Festival is Tonight

Popular annual event has exciting line-up of shorts from around the world.

Just $10 ($7 for students and seniors) will buy you a fascinating evening at , site of the 9th Annual Standing Rock International Short Film Festival starting at 8 tonight.

' popular annual event has an exciting line-up of shorts from as far away as Australia, Hungary, England, and from as close as Kent, Ohio. It will include animation, music videos, short comedy, experimental films, documentaries and more.

The first part of the event will feature short films from around the world. The second part will be made up of films by last year’s People’s Choice winner, Miles Kalbach, as well as Juried Choice Winner, Kate Vandevender.

The last portion of the night will feature silent films by Mike Hovancsek which will be accompanied live by the off-the-wall and talented Trepanning Trio music ensemble.

International films:

1) Space Travel According to John – Jamie Stone (Australia): This beautiful and playful film gives us an animation piece made out of sand to explain space travel as seen by a child. anders@malade.se (3:06)

2) Let the Arts Roam – I Am Los Angeles (United States): This is a straightforward documentary about two graffiti artists who collaborate on huge murals around Los Angeles . hello@iamlosangeles.com (4:46)

3) Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus – Patrick Clair (Australia): This terrifying but well-animated piece tells the story of the world’s most dangerous computer virus (so far). hello@zapruder.com.au (3:21)

4) Shark’s Tooth – Ferry Gouw (England). This is a music video for a group that goes by the name The Archie Bronson Outfit. We love the mix of high tech and low tech in this sci-fi journey through modern music. (3:12) http://www.archiebronsonoutfit.com/

5) Robots of Brixton – Kibwe Tavares (England): Brixton has degenerated into a disregarded area inhabited by London 's new robot workforce - robots built and designed to carry out all of the tasks which humans are no longer inclined to do. The mechanical population of Brixton has rocketed, resulting in unplanned, cheap and quick additions to the skyline. kibwetavares@gmail.com (5:36)

6) Animation Hotline – Dustin Grella (United States): We have shown a lot of our friend Dustin’s films in the past and we were not planning on showing any more because we didn’t want to spend too much time on any particular filmmaker. Then, Dustin told us about his Animation Hotline project and it was just too good to pass up. Every day people call a hotline and leave messages. Then, every day Dustin makes a chalkboard animation of one of them. Here are a few highlights. e-mail@dustingrella.com (5:00)

7) Astronaut On The Roof – Sergi Portabella (Germany): A comical road movie about two scriptwriters who write a film about two scriptwriters who write a film about a teenage couple who become bank robbers. sergiportabella@yahoo.es

8) Projection on the Bridge: Immersive Surfaces – As Above, So Below – ryanuzi@gmail.com

9) Crosses – DuckEye (United Kingdom): A series of mandala-like circles pull us toward eternity. This is a music video for Zero 7. http://duckeye.co.uk/work.html (7:00)

10) The Man Who Shot The Man Who Shot Lincoln – Drew Christie (United States): An animated interpretation of the strange life of Boston Corbett, the man who killed John Wilkes Booth. It was animated in charcoal, pastels and crayon on the pages of 12 paperback books. geniuschristie@gmail.com (5:24)

11) Streamschool - Péter Vácz (Hungary): A little girl has an adventure with water as she travels from a small brook to the sea. A tale of growing up based on a Hungarian poem. vaczpeter@gmail.com (1:52)

Featured filmmakers:

1) Miles Kalbach – Miles won our Juried prize last year and he agreed to share more of his quirky animations with us this year. www.mileskalbach.com

2) Kate VanDevender – Kate won our Audience Choice award last year and we invited her to share more of her work this year. Last year Kate shared her films about her attempts to break into show business. Her more recent films follow her as she has taken a job at an advertising agency while she maintains a standup comedy career on the side. www.actordiaries.com

Live film soundtracks:

1) Prizmatic – Film by Mike Hovancsek. It was the result of some experiments with optics to create a collage of organic materials. Live musical accompaniment by Trepanning Trio. http://mikeh.8m.com/ (5:00)

2) 10 Things I Learned As A New Parent – Film by Mike Hovancsek. The nice thing about babies is you don’t have to pay them for their work. Live musical accompaniment by Trepanning Trio. http://mikeh.8m.com/ (3:00)


Tickets are $10 general admission, $7 students and seniors. They can be purchased at the door or online from www.kentstage.org.


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