VIDEO: Exterior Renovation of 'Acorn Corner' Starts

Test work is under way on replacing the grout in the facade's brick exterior

Restoration work on the exterior of , commonly known as the old Kent hotel, started quietly this morning.

Three sample sections of the building's brick facade were power washed so part of the brick could be regrouted.

, the developer restoring the building, said they must first test portions of the brick facade by regrouting it and sending the results to the Ohio Historic Preservation Office, which must approve the work because the restoration is set to receive .

Burbick said he anticipates approval of the grout work from officials in Columbus within a week or so.

Once the work is approved, replacing up to 90 percent of the facade's grout is expected to take anywhere from 60 to 90 days.

Burbick anticipates reopening the building in November with .


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