Snapshot: Elevator, Stair Shaft at Acorn Corner

For the first time, the new construction is protruding from the nearly 100-year-old building

Another sign of the restoration of Acorn Corner became clear this week when, for the first time, the elevator and stairwell shaft started to protrude from the building.

Metis Construction Services has been building the new elevator shaft for three weeks, but it wasn't until this week the new shaft started to protrude from the rear of the building as it makes its way to the fifth floor.

Doug Fuller, of Fuller Design Group Architects, which is overseeing the renovation, said construction on the shaft started in October with the foundation, which must extend 4 feet beneath the old hotel.

The restoration is expected to be finished by mid March 2013.


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Elizabeth November 20, 2012 at 03:03 PM
i thought this building was a public safety hazard, not structurally sound, the front stone work was going to explode and the brick facade was supposed to fall on the sidewalks below. good thing the developer & and past owner didn't follow the plan of the city administration along with it's crooked engineers & service director!
Elizabeth November 20, 2012 at 03:10 PM
i thought and remember reading countless articles this building was a nothing but a public safety hazard because the entire brick facade was going to fall off the structure on to the sidewalks below, the front foundation blocks were going to explode, and the entire building was not structurally sound. how can this building now support the redevelopment & an additional elevator shaft? good thing the developer and past owner didn't take the advice and pressure from the city administration along with their crooked engineer & service director. nice to see the media has stopped fabricating building defects and casting black clouds over the property. some how the skies have cleared?


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