Downtown Jobs: 5 Things with Popped! Manager Becca Resnick

Kent Patch's Downtown Jobs series introduces you to the many people who work in new jobs created in downtown's redevelopment district

Becca Resnick is assistant manager at Popped! Credit: Matt Fredmonsky
Becca Resnick is assistant manager at Popped! Credit: Matt Fredmonsky

Editor's note: Kent Patch's new series Downtown Jobs spotlights the hundreds of new workers brought to downtown Kent via the city's more than $100 million redevelopment.

Today we introduce you to Becca Resnick of Popped!

Kent Patch: What’s your job title, and is it a full or part-time position?

Becca Resnick: Assistant manager, part-time.

Patch: What's your hometown, and what brought you to Kent?

Resnick: Ravenna.  I'm a student at Kent State University studying early childhood education.

Patch: What do you like most about working downtown?

Resnick: I love the involvement, and how many different types of people come into the shop and how many I get to meet. It's a fun working environment.

Patch: Where's your favorite place to eat downtown?

Resnick: Belleria's is probably my No. 1 place just because it's next door and they have a $2 deal, perfect for a college student.

Patch: What's one thing most people might be surprised to learn about you?

Resnick: I can beat all three of my brothers in an eating contest.

Chris (Kit) Myers September 22, 2013 at 07:30 AM
Good for you, Ms. Resnick. You are the kind of person we old-timers in Kent love to see at Kent State.
Gwen Rosenberg September 22, 2013 at 10:21 AM
Great job talking about your great job Becca!


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