City Steam Brewery Owner to Open New Restaurant in Bishops Corner

Blue Plate Kitchen, featuring many of City Steam's beers, will open later this year in the former Petco space in the Bishops Corner Shopping Center.

West Hartford craft beer and comfort food fans will have a new place to eat and drink when Blue Plate Kitchen opens in the Bishops Corner Shopping Center in late 2013.

Jay DuMond, owner of City Steam Brewery in Hartford, said Tuesday morning that Blue Plate Kitchen, serving "modern comfort food," is scheduled to open in November in the former Petco space in Bishops Corner.

"Other than the fact that it will feature all of City Steam's beers, it's a different restaurant," DuMond said. The range of beers to be offered will be "whatever we can legally sell," he said.

Although the menu has yet to be developed, it will be "soup to nuts comfort food," DuMond said. "A fine chef will be one of my partners," he said, and anticipates a modern take on traditional comfort foods, such as short ribs. The pricing will be "comfort food range," he said, with some higher priced specials available for dinner.

That "fine chef" is Eric Cianci, who has worked with DuMond in the past and will be returning from Florida. Anthony Sousa, currently of City Steam, will be general manager and another partner. DuMond said his wife and a few limited investors have also partnered for the venture.

The atmosphere will have a modern, industrial feel, with an open ceiling, rather than a pub feel. The 2,950 square foot interior will have seating for 90, but a large outdoor patio area will seat 60 more.

"It will be located on the plaza and have a great outdoor seating/gathering area," Ryan Panitz, communications director for Edens which owns the Bishops Corner Shopping Center, said Tuesday morning.

DuMond lives in West Hartford, and has extensive restaurant experience in the Hartford area. "I live in the [Bishops Corner] area, and always felt the need here for a mid-price restaurant that would have an active bar," he said.

DuMond said he has been looking for a site for about three years, but this was the only spot that caught his eye. He said he has a lot of respect for Edens because they worked to attract local tenants to the shopping center rather than just national chains.

The landlord still has work to do on the space before turning it over to DuMond, who said he has "been in the business too long to speculate" an exact opening date. The space is pre-approved for a restaurant occupancy as well as outdoor dining, so no zoning approval will be required. DuMond hopes to be open by the end of the year.

Neighborhood Market by Walmart, Noodles & Company, and Maximum Beverage have recently opened in the Bishops Corner Shopping Center.

JoyMar February 27, 2013 at 05:59 PM
We will absolutely go and so will ALL of our friends. It's a great place and we are thrilled they are coming. WeHa center is tight on space, but if you want to go somewhere you find a way. AND so do all the out of towners. Still hoping for comedy club as it gets tiring just going to a movie and dinner each week). There was a panic when "anytime fitness" was going to open. Everyone thought the congestion would cause issues. Now they are a thriving business and the parking lot is user friendly.
Sage March 01, 2013 at 02:25 AM
Hope this will be as advertised, unlike "Neighborhood Market" whose signage mine as well just read WALMART. I'm really looking forward to the outdoor dining. I hope they have foliage so it doesn't just feel like sitting in a parking lot. Too bad about the ndustrial feel inside. Wish itnwas gong to be more warm and pub-like rather than cafeteria feel. Overall hopeful that it can bring some good energy to the area.
cinzia louise March 02, 2013 at 10:36 PM
Everyone respects nurses male and female and doctors male and female. Why the complex? Since when are nurses anything other than revered. My friends who have nursing careers (male and female) have told me they only feel slighted by some silly ignorant doctors of both genders. Maybe take issue with them.Why is it insulting? It is just humorous.
Joel Grieco March 02, 2013 at 11:42 PM
are you making the assumption that all nurses are female and all doctors are male? Even just the generalization is more harmful than a silly name of a beer. I don't see firemen all upset about those sexy calendars. We'd all be better off being less sensitive and learning to laugh at ourselves, or at least ignoring things that we find a little crass. Good Lord, the 8:00 television is much more offensive than the cartoon on the Naughty Nurse logo.
Sharon Gauthier RN/MSN-iRNPA March 03, 2013 at 03:24 AM
Joel I did not make that assumption at all. Either sex it should be considered offensive, I never identified whether or not it is female or male. I think it is an image nursing has been fighting for years and prefer to not have it continued in a restaurant beer. I think YOU assumed it was female nurses and female doctors. I was referring to the term. it does not reflect what nurses are or what nurses do. We struggle enough with being pillow fluffing images on television and advertising without having it thrown into a cutesey little beer that keeps that image going of the nurse with the tight dress and big boobs not the image of a male as you might elude to. I have a sense of humor, just not when it comes to my profession that I have worked very hard for. I appreciate your input and respect your opinion and perhaps we should have a drink at the restaurant and talk to the owner about it!! I just wouldn't be having the naughty nurse drink


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