Graphic Novelist Tells 'Only Human' Tale from Kent

Dan Gorman launches campaign to fund publication of comic

Dan Gorman needs your help to publish a graphic novel, Only Human, born and bred right here in Kent.

Gorman, 37, illustrates the comic and, with his partners, has launched an IndieGoGo online fundraising campaign to publish the seven issues of their comic, which is set to be released this August.

The Kent resident is quietly building an audience for their story, which follows two very different people faced with similar challenges amidst society's crumbling foundations.

"Our characters have an awakening ... that lets them step outside this bubble they're living in," Gorman, a freelance graphic artist, said.

He described their genre as an emerging one: intellectual horror. The comic isn't necessarily filled with super heroes performing super-human acts, but instead the main characters have a more non-traditional super power.

The story follows Wesley, 12, a suburbanite, and Fisher, a man in his late twenties living in the city. The world revolves around a corporate entity pulling society's strings in a way that borders on mind control.

Gorman and his partners are looking to publish about 144 pages across seven issues starting this summer, but that's if they have to self publish. They're also pitching the graphic novel to big publishing houses Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics.

If one of the big publishers picks up their story, the artists will be on the publisher's timeline.

To donate to their IndieGoGo campaign, where they describe the work as "a cross between The Walking Dead and Inception," click on this link.

Initially, the comic will be available through the Only Human Facebook page.

"Since I was 12 years old I wanted to be a comic book illustrator," Gorman said. "Comics are a hard field to survive in, even if you're really good."


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